Hockey - my career... so far


I was lucky enough to represent GB Mens Hockey in 3 Olympic Games - Los Angeles 1984 (bronze), Seoul 1988 (gold) and Barcelona 1992 (6th). The highlight was beating West Germany 3-1 in the Seoul final:

This grainy film takes me right back to those 2 weeks in September 1988 - it was a brilliant time to be playing hockey - we were all very fortunate to be part of such a talented team.

Gold Silver
Great Britain West Germany
  • Paul Barber
  • Stephen Batchelor
  • Kulbir Bhaura
  • Robert Clift
  • Richard Dodds
  • David Faulkner
  • Russell Garcia
  • Martyn Grimley
  • Sean Kerly
  • Jimmy Kirkwood
  • Richard Leman
  • Stephen Martin
  • Veryan Pappin
  • Jon Potter
  • Imran Sherwani
  • Ian Taylor
  • Stefan Blöcher
  • Dirk Brinkmann
  • Thomas Brinkmann
  • Heiner Dopp
  • Hans-Henning Fastrich
  • Carsten Fischer
  • Tobias Frank
  • Volker Fried
  • Horst-Ulrich Hänel
  • Michael Hilgers
  • Andreas Keller
  • Michael Metz
  • Andreas Mollandin
  • Thomas Reck
  • Christian Schliemann
  • Eckhard Schmidt-Opper

Our results were as follows:

Sept 18
Great Britain
Sept 20
Great Britain
Sept 22
Great Britain
West Germany
Sept 24
Great Britain
Soviet Union
Sept 26
Great Britain
Sept 28 (semi)
Great Britain
Oct 1 (final)
West Germany
Great Britain

Full Seoul hockey results here (courtesy of wikipedia).

International hockey

I played international hockey for 11 years. I won my first senior cap for England as a 21 year old at Crystal Palace against Poland on 19 March 1981. I was subbed on after 43 minutes in a 3-3 draw.

My last cap was as a 32 year old against Spain in the 5th and 6th playoffs at the 1992 Olympics. We lost 2-1 in a rather disappointing tournament, finishing in 6th place.

The final tally (thanks to Bill Colwill for the stats) was:

Honours   Caps   Goals
Great Britain
England Indoor

Tournaments   Gold     Silver     Bronze     Year  
  84, 88, 92
World Cups
  86, 90
Euro Nations Cup
  87, 91
Champions Trophy
  84, 86, 87, 89, 91, 92
Euro Nations Indoor

When I started there was offside at the half way line, handstops from 12 yards at short and long corners, goalkeepers wore cricket pads and small kickers, all weather pitches were red shale, sticks were bendy and made of wood, oranges were served at half time, no turning, you had to play for 70 mins, replace divots after the match and have a shower to wash the mud off your legs.

When I finished you could 'shield' the ball, there was no offside, pitches were made of plastic, sticks were made of carbon fibre, goalkeepers wore full body armour, teams had psycologists, short corners were stickstopped outside the circle, backhand shots were allowed and the 'special teams penalty corner taker' invented (plus a few other bits I can't think of at the moment).

Club hockey

My dad played hockey for Herne Bay and I remember playing some games as a teenager with him in 3rd/4th team around 1974.

Club Year
Herne Bay 1974
Cliftonville 1978
Beckenham 1979
Southgate 1980-1989
Canterbury 1990-92
Bournemouth 1993-95
Canterbury 1997-date

I currently play when I can for Canterbury Millers on Saturdays and for the Veterans in the cup on Sundays. Unfortunately my mind doesn't remember how old my body is so I keep pulling muscles and subsequently spend more time injured than fit!

This page at the moment is work in progress so I will be updating it as and when I find out any more up-to-date or accurate information.